Christie Monteiro

Christie Monteiro
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NameChristie Monteiro
Fighting StyleCapoeira
AgeT4(17),T5(20),T6(24),TTT2(27), age now(29)
AppearancesTekken 4, Tekken 5, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Tekken 6, Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Height/Weight5'7 (171 cm) 130 lbs
Christie Monteiro (born December 3, 1985) is the grand daughter of the man who taught Eddy Gordo Capoeira. While in jail, Eddy promised her grandfather that he would teach her Capoeira, surprisingly after 2 years she became nearly as skilled as Eddy. But suddenly Eddy vanished only telling her that "He was going to get revenge against his fathers killer" after learning this she entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 looking for him.

[edit] Information

Soon after the event of Tekken 4, her grandfather got released from prison but he was diagnosed with a illness and was given 6 months to live. Although with the Technology of the Mashima Ziabatsu he could get healed, this was the reasoning for both her and Eddy entering the 5th King of Iron Fist Tournament, although she was defeated and went back to Brazil.

A while after the Events of Tekken 5 both Christie's grandfather and Eddy both went missing, looking for answers, Christie entered the 6th King of Iron Fist Tournament.

[edit] Trivia

  • She was originally meant to be introduced in Tekken 3, but the staff decided to have a male characher.
  • Someone on Twitter spoke to Harada about the fact that Christie's design being confirmed by Namco to have been based on real-life former supermodel Tyra Banks, however he confirmed this as false. [1 ]
  • In Tekken 6, her item move is head dress that makes her dance
  • Her grandfathers name is Ho Chi Myong
  • In Tekken 4, Christie and Eddy had the exact same moveset. However, in Tekken 5 onwards, their moveset is the same, with a few exceptions, those being the 1+3 and 2+4 throw moves.

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