Fighting StyleRandom
OccupationTraining Dummy
First AppearanceTekken 3
Last AppearanceNA

Mokujin, a wooden training dummy made from a 2000 year old oak tree, comes to life whenever a powerful evil presence is nearby. During Tekken 3, he was awakened when Ogre had been released, and became lifeless again when Jin Kazama defeated True Ogre.

Mokujin returns in Tekken 5, and once again awakens when Jinpachi Mishima is released, becoming lifeless again when Jinpachi is defeated. With the presence of Azazel in Tekken 6, Mokujin awakens yet again. Because Mokujin has no actual fighting style, at the start of each battle, a random fighting style is picked for him, making him one of the hardest characters in Tekken to master.

He also has a metallic form in Tekken Tag Tournament, under the name of Tetsujin. Mokujin is not the only mimicry character in the Tekken series. There's Unknown in Tekken Tag Tournament. The difference is that she can switch fighting styles during the match, whereas Mokujin can't. Another mimicry character is Combot in Tekken 4. Unlike Mokujin, he keeps the same fighting style for the whole match, rather than just for one round.

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