Arcade is one of the main features in most Tekken games.

In most games, it is basically playing Story without the story driven story lines. The only exception being Tekken 5, where you fight in as many battles as you want. In Tekken 6, that mode is renamed Ghost Battle and the traditional Arcade mode returns, under the name "Arcade Battle".

In Tekken 5 onwards, the importance of Arcade greatly increased as it added many features to the mode. There is a ranking system, which goes up as you progress more and more into the stages and the difficulty of the enemy increases as well. However, in Tekken 6, only rankings up to 1st Dan can earned through here. Higher rankings must be earned through Ranked Matches within the Online mode. Arcade is also used to earn cash, which can be used in the customization menu to buy new items for your character to wear.

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