Asuka Kazama

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NameAsuka Kazama
Fighting StyleKazama Style Traditional Martial Arts
OccupationHigh School Student
Height5'3 (162 cm)
Weight107 lbs (50 kg)
First AppearanceTekken 5
AgeT5(17), T6(21), TTT 2 (24), age now (26)

Asuka Kazama (born August 31, 1989) is the cousin of Jin Kazama(on his mother’s side) and has an almost identical move set to that of her aunt Jun Kazama. Like her fellow family members, she comes off as very arrogant and brash.

Before joining the Tournament, she was known as a vigilante of sorts in her area, with her breaking up fights(usually knocking out both combatants) and also starting a few of her own, in the intro of Tekken 5 she can be seen saving a kitten.

While returning to her father’s dojo one day she found her fellow students severely beaten and her father so badly hurt he had to go hospital. (Her father is seen getting attacked in the introduction video of Tekken 5) After learning from Lei Wulong that the attacker of the Dojo was most probably entering the King of Iron Fist Tournament, she entered the as well in search of the attacker.

In Tekken 5 she is unsuccessful in finding Feng Wei, but learns that Jin Kazama is her cousin and that he is the cause of the current war going on in the world, she enters the 6th Tournament in hopes of bringing him back.

[edit] Trivia

  • During the events of the King of Iron Fist Tournament she defeated Lili and this started a rivalry between both characters.
  • In her Tekken 5 ending, she is seen to have similar powers to Jun as after touching him she suppressed his devil gene.
  • Despite having Juns moveset they removed the glitch that alowed her to do infinite combos.
  • Even though she had a late introction to the series she is very popular.
  • She has a tatto saying 通天閣 (Tsuutenkaku) which is the tower from her hometown, Osaka.
  • She has a Secret Move which can only be used on Jin Kazama, its a type of Tackle where she verbaly abuses him while punching him.

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