Bruce Irvin

Bruce Irvin
Bruceirvin.jpg Your Worst Nightmare!
NameBruce Irvin
Fighting StyleMuay Thai Kickboxing
Age31 (T2), 51 (T5), 52 (T6)
OccupationBodyguard/Operating camps teaching survival techniques
Height6'3 (190 cm)
Weight189 lbs (85 kg)
LikesKazuya Mishima, gun powder smell and smiling children
DislikesOgre, Eddy Gordo, Nina Williams, Jin Kazama, Lei Wulong, gangsters and criminals
First AppearanceTekken 2
Last AppearanceN/A

Bruce Irvin (born February 14, 1955) is an American kickboxer who appeared in Tekken 2 but then disappeared until making an appearance in Tekken Tag Tournament and Tekken 5. If used effectively, he can be one of the best fighters in the game due to his hard combo kicks and knees. His both throw moves consist of kicking opponent in to the head with knee.

His attire consists of kickboxing attire or a simple vest and jeans.

Bruce is known for being close friends with Kazuya Mishima as he works alongside him.

Bruce became kickboxing's heavyweight champion 5 years before the second tournament. His ferocity and umcompromising technique dominated the competition. When Bruce was young, his parents and brother were killed and Bruce was left to survive in the streets. When he grew up, Bruce entered a Muay Thai tournament in Thailand where he would win money if he beat his opponent. Bruce choose to beat his opponent to death. The booker of the tournament was so enraged that he sent a killer after Bruce. Bruce fled the country by plane only to meet the killer and a Hong Kong detective. They began the battle and that caused the plane to crash. The detective (Lei Wulong's partner) and killer were killed in the accident, but Bruce survived. Kazuya's men picked him up and gave him a new job as Kazuya's combat champion and bodyguard.

21 years ago, Bruce abandoned Mishima Zaibatsu and wound up at a survival school. A few years later, he heard that Kazuya has died. One day he learned that Kazuya competed in the fourth tournament and that the fifth tournament would be held soon. Bruce felt that something was going to happen. Bruce decides to enter the tournament.

After he went to work to Kazuya again, Bruce assisted Kazuya again and the two took over G-Corporation. G-Corporation waged war with the MGF (Mishima Financial Group) and Bruce led Kazuya's corps into battle that caused the whole world to go into chaos. G-Corporation decided to take out MGF's leader Jin Kazama, so they placed a huge bounty in Jin's head. Bruce enters the sixth tournament to take out Jin.

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