Bryan Fury

Bryan Fury
NameBryan Fury
Fighting StyleKickboxing
Height6'1 (186 cm)
Weight180 lbs (80 kg)
First AppearanceTekken 3
Last AppearanceN/A

Bryan Fury (born April 27, 1971) is part human and part cyborg, who first appeared in Tekken 3. He is enemies with Yoshimitsu. In Tekken 5, he attacked Dr. Boskonovitch and several Manji Clan members, due to his enragement of Dr. Boskonovitch giving him a perpetual power generator rather than a new body, as he planned. Yoshimitsu tries to get revenge on him because of this. Bryan himself enters to test out his newly installed generator.

During his engagement, he enters The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 to beat up more opponents.

Bryan is a very strong fighter to use and he has fast kicks and powerful punches. Bryan is known for his signature laugh and his psychopatic antics on his winning animations.

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