Devil Jin

Devil Jin
NameDevil Jin
Fighting StyleMishima Style Karate
First AppearanceTekken 5
Last AppearanceNA

Devil Jin is the form of Jin Kazama in when his devil blood takes over him. Devil Jin first became playable in Tekken 5 but has appeared in trailers of previous games flying away.

Like his father Kazuya Jin has the ability to give into his devil gene and transform into one. Also like Devil from Tekken 2 and True Ogre in Tekken 3 he has the ability to fly and unleash a laser (fire for True Ogre) attack on an opponent. Devil Jin's fighting style differs from Jin in Tekken 5 because Jin has untaught himself the Mishima Karate but when he transforms into Devil Jin he has the same moves he had in Tekken 3 including an Uppercut.

Devil Jin is also a transformation in The Devil Within sub game in Tekken 5.

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