Devil Within

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Devil Within is a beat 'em up side game in the Tekken series that appeared in Tekken 5. The player is made to use Jin Kazama, as it is story oriented on Jin's missing mother Jun Kazama and many other unresolved questions. This side game is replaces with Tekken Force that appeared in Tekken 3 and Tekken 4.

The moves are limited as two attack buttons have been replaced with guard and jump meaning Jin's combo moves are restricted to simple punch and kick, although some special moves are available such as Jin's roundhouse kick and Demon's Paw. It is also possible to transform into Devil Jin and use his laser beam.

In this mode to reach the boss of each level, Jin has to destroy many Jack models (male and female) and other Mishima created models. There's five levels, each containing a boss battle at the end.

Various items for Customization can also be collected through this mode.

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