Dr. Boskonovitch

Dr. Boskonovitch
NameDr. Boskonovitch
Fighting StylePanic
First AppearanceTekken 3
Last AppearanceTekken 3

Dr. Boskonovitch (born November 29, 1919) (also referred to as Dr. B, for short), is character that is only playable in Tekken 3, but it still a part of the Tekken storyline in previous and later games.

During Tekken, Dr. Boskonovitch is a scientist working for Heihachi Mishima, who was in control of the Mishima Zaibatsu at the time. Dr. Boskonovitch escapes though when he helps Yoshimitsu and the Manji Clan escape after attacking the Zaibatsu. Yoshimitsu's hand is also cut off in the attack, so Dr. Boskonovitch replaces it with a new one.

During Tekken 2, Dr. Boskonovitch is captured by the Mishima Zaibatsu, which at the time is controled by Kazuya Mishima, so Yoshimitsu enters the second King of Iron Fist Tournament to rescue him. Yoshimitsu later escapes with Dr. Boskonovitch.

During Tekken 3, Yoshimitsu enters the third King of Iron Fist tournament to get samples of Ogres blood. Dr. Boskonovitch and Yoshimitsu needed the samples to find a way to bring the doctors daughter back to life, who had died recently. Jin Kazama defeats Ogre in the tournament, so Yoshimitsu was able to get the sample he needed to Dr. Boskonovitch.

In Tekken 4, Dr. Boskonovitch appeared in Bryan Fury's ending and promises him a new body, which would take a year to complete.

In Tekken 5, Dr. Boskonovitch is hurt and his lab is destroyed by Bryan Fury, after Dr. Boskonovitch doesn't give Bryan the new body he wants. Yoshimitsu enters the fifth King of Iron Fist Tournament to get revenge on Bryan for the Doctor.

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