Jun Kazama

Jun Kazama
NameJun Kazama
Fighting StyleKazama Martial Arts
OccupationWildlife Organastion Officer
Date of Rumored DeathSeptember 17, 2001
First AppearanceTekken 2
AgeT2(31), TTT 2 (47), age now (50)
Jun Kazama (born May 13, 1965) is a Tekken character who made her debut in Tekken 2. Jun Kazama is the mother of one of the main protagonists in the Tekken series, Jin Kazama. She has not yet appeared in any other Tekken aside from Tekken 2 and Tekken Tag Tournament. It was assumed that in Tekken 3, she was killed by Ogre, the God of fighting. She was also originally to be playable in Tekken 3, until she was removed from the game and replaced by Jin Kazama. Her moves do return, however, in the later Tekken 5 installment, by her alleged niece, Asuka Kazama. When she was in the series, she was one of the nicest females working as an investigative officer for the WE and EAPA.

After rumored of being killed, it was later confirmed that she was not actually killed and has been confirmed to return in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as a playable character and is also rumored to be a playable character in Tekken X Street Fighter or Street Fighter X Tekken. Jun has a more unique moveset from Asuka now. Jun is also fought as a boss in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and transforms into Unknown after beaten, whom you also fight as a boss.

Jun Kazama as seen in Tekken Tag Tournament 2

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