NameKing I
Fighting StyleLuchador Wrestling
Age30 (T1), 32 (T2)
OccupationProfessional Wrestler
Height6'3 (190 cm)
Weight210 lbs (95 kg)
LikesChildrens' smiling faces, Armor King and King II
DislikesSad children, Ogre
First AppearanceTekken
Last AppearanceTekken 2

The original King was once a street kid that no one cared about, he always got into fights and one day after nearly being beaten to death he staggered into a monastery. The Marquez priests of the monastery save him from death. When he recovered he realised the error of his ways and became a Catholic Priest and gave up on his old fighting ways. He then made it his life mission to create an orphanage for all the kids that lived in the streets, hoping that they do not turn out like he did. Because he lacked the proper funds to start up the orphanage, King entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament in hopes of getting prize money. King manages to come third in the tournament, defeating his new found rival Armor King. The prize money he wins from coming third was enough to actually start up his orphanage.

After the events of Tekken King's life was very happy, until one of the children from his orphanage died. This sent King into a depression and he soon became an alcoholic and even gave up his Jaguar Mask. He was soon convinced by his friend and rival Armor King to enter the 2nd King of Iron Fist Tournament, King loses to Armor King but even though he lost it set him back on the right track.

After returning home to his Orphanage he entered various martial arts and wrestling tournaments to get extra money for the orphanage, he also teaches the orphans basic wrestling and martial arts moves to help them defend themselves.

When Ogre was awoken from his ancient ruin in Mexico by Tekken Force when Ogre was targeting various martial artists King was one of the first victims, he is assumed dead by Ogre's hands.

King II
NameKing II
Fighting StyleLuchador Wrestling
Age28 (T3), 30 (T4, T5), 31 (T6)
OccupationProfessional wrestler and orphanage manager
Height6'6 (200 cm)
Weight295 lbs (138 kg)
LikesHappy children, tequila, King I, Armor King I, Julia Chang and Craig Marduk (Tekken 6 onwards)
DislikesCrying children, Ogre, Craig Marduk (Pre Tekken 6), Armor King II
First AppearanceTekken 3
Last AppearanceN/A

The second King was a street urchin from Mexico, he soon found his way to the orphanage run by the original King. He was very close to King and worked hard with him until he was around 24 years of age, at this point Ogre had awoken and he had killed King. Because King's winnings from various tournaments was the only form of income for the orphanage it would surely have to close. This is when he decided to use the jaguar mask and use the name King to enter tournaments. Sadly he had only seen the Original King wrestle and had next to no experience in fighting, thus he lost all fighting tournaments he entered.

He was soon encountered by another man wearing a jaguar mask he referred to himself as an old friend of the original King. He revealed his name as Armor King and said that he was following rumors of a second King. The both of them trained together for 4 years and King became nearly on par with the original King in terms of skill. The new King now looked for revenge against the killer of the original King, upon hear news of the 3rd Iron Fist Tournament and how Ogre the "King of Fighting" killed the original King, King II entered it in hopes of finding the killer. Armor King now saw King II as a worthy replacement for the King.

After the events of Tekken 3 King found out that his former master Armor king had been killed in a bar fight against Craig Marduk (who was now in prison). King payed bribes to get Craig out of jail and after his release King sent him a letter telling him to enter the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. King severely beat Craig sending him to hospital, he went there to do the final blow but upon seeing a picture of Craig and his elderly parent he decided to spare his life.

Craig Marduk soon started to wear a mask similar to that of Armor Kings disgracing his name, King entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament to settle the score. King and Craig draw in battle and this started the friendship between both fighters.

After the events of Tekken 5 Craig is attacked by the man he was apparently convicted of killing, both looking for answers King and Craig enter the King of Iron Fist Tournaments 6.

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