Kuma Jr.
Fighting StyleMishima Style Karate
OccupationBodyguard and pet
First AppearanceTekken
Last AppearanceN/A

Kuma is a character that has appeared in every Tekken game, even though he appeared as the original Kuma in Tekken and Tekken 2, and Kuma Jr. from Tekken 3 onwards. Kuma is also the bodyguard and pet of Heihachi Mishima, and likes Panda.

In the first two Tekken's, it is the original Kuma that is playable, who has been trained by his master, Heihachi Mishima, in the fighting style of Mishima Style Karate, so that Kuma can act as a bodyguard. Kuma enters both King of Iron Fist Tournaments to fight Paul Phoenix, who Kuma loses to both times. At the end of Tekken 2, Kuma then dies.

During Tekken 3, Kuma Jr., the original Kuma's son, trains with his master, Heihachi Mishima, in the same fighting style his father was taught, the Mishima Style Karate. Kuma soon enters the third King of Iron Fist Tournament, which he loses. During Tekken 4, Kuma leaves his home after losing in the tournament, and trains on his own. He then enters the fourth King of Iron Fist Tournament, where he defeats Paul Phoenix. After defeating Paul in the fourth tournament, Kuma returns home in Tekken 5, where he learns that his masters father, Jinpachi Mishima, is now head of the Zaibatsu. Kuma enters the fifth King of Iron Fist Tournament to win back the Zaibatsu for Heihachi Mishima, which he fails at.

Kuma Snr.

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