Lei Wulong

Lei Wulong
The Drunken Master
NameLei Wulong
Fighting StyleKung Fu
OccupationPolice Detective
Height5'9 (175 cm)
Weight145 lbs (66 kg)
First AppearanceTekken 2
Last AppearanceN/A

Lei Wulong (born October 4, 1961) is a Chinese fighter who has appeared on every version of Tekken from Tekken 2 onwards. He is a police detective and his fighting style is Kung Fu.

His attire consists of pants and a t-shirt or a green / blue long jacket with black pants.

Lei is a rival of Bryan Fury and Bruce Irvin. He also tried to catch Nina Williams in Tekken 4. He is a friend of Asuka Kazama. Lei is a comedic character, but he is very serious when it comes to police work.

Hong Kong's most respected police detective Lei Wulong has developed his own style of Kung Fu and uses it against the criminals he faces. One day, Lei's partner was killed by an International Mafia. He finds mafia's links to Kazuya Mishima and his henchman Bruce Irvin. This leads to Lei trying to crush Kazuya, Bruce and the organization.

Bruce Irvin and Lei had a furious fight in the second tournament, but Lei came out victorious. Bruce's flight to home was then crashed and it was said that all the passengers were dead. It was rumored that Kazuya made the plane crash to silence Bruce. Lei's investigation led him to believe that the flight accident was staged and that Bruce isn't really dead. However, Lei couldn't prove that. After the tournament, Lei returned to his regular job. On one day, Lei noticed that several Martial Artists started to disappear. During these investigations, Lei visited Heihachi Mishima who asked Lei to join the third tournament. Lei doesn't know why Heihachi asked that, but Lei believe's everything happens for a reason and enters the tournament.

Lei's life was consumed by police work and he was dumped by his girlfriend. Lei also botched an operation to bring a big crime syndicate to justice. Lei couldn't capture the agent of the syndicate that would've enabled the police to take down the syndicate's boss. Rival detectives, however, were jealous of Lei's good case record and they saw this as an opportunity to hurt Lei's career. They said that the Lei's girlfriend leaving him affected Lei's work rate and Lei got suspended for a month. During his suspension, Lei learned that the syndicate was trying to assassinate a boxer joining the fourth tournament. Lei understood that now he has the chance to bring down the syndicate so he enters the tournament.

Lei was investigating many rampage incidents at dojos around China. Lei began to suspect that the person who crushed those dojo's was surely to be in the fifth tournament. Lei enters it to catch him.

When Lei was still chasing the dojo attacker Feng Wei, the military sent him to Japan. He couldn't find a trail of Feng anymore so he was forced to return to Hong Kong. With China in full chaos and riots happening all the time, Lei grew impatient. Lei knew that the cause of these riots was the Mishima Zaibatsu. Lei attempts to arrest Jin Kazama and so he enters the sixth tournament.


  • When equipped police suit(in customize), he can shoot his handgun by inputting triangle+x. Note : The handgun does not cause a damage.
  • His enemies are Feng Wei, Jin kazama and Kazuya Mishima.

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