Marshall Law

Marshall Law
NameMarshall Law
Fighting StyleJeet Kune Do
Age24 (T1), 26 (T2), 48 (T4, T5), 49 (T6)
OccupationOwner of a restaurant/Owner of a dojo/Dishwasher
Height5'11 (180 cm)
Weight150 lbs (68 kg)
LikesPaul Phoenix, Forest Law, Mrs. Law, Steve Fox, Lee Chaolan, money, his restaurant, jokes and his son's cookings
DislikesWang Jinrei, Baek Doo San, Lei Wulong, being broke and bills
First AppearanceTekken
Last AppearanceN/A

Marshall Law (born September 19, 1960) is an Chinese-American fighter who has appeared on every Tekken game, apart from Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament, in which his son Forest Law was a playable fighter instead. He is one of the best known fighters on the game and has an incredible likeness to Bruce Lee. He and his son are both commonly referred to as their last name, Law.

His attire consists of mainly trousers with a dragon design with no top or in a white chef outfit. He usually enters The King of Iron Fist tournaments in order to pay some sort of debt he has gotten into.

Law has many signature moves that are famous like "Somersault Flip", "Hopping Frog", "Dragon Fist", "Rave War Combo" and the "Headlock Punch" which was Law's main throw in the original Tekken. Although, some of his moves are drastically changed as of Tekken 6.

Marshall Law is known for being close friends with Paul Phoenix. He is also friends with Lee Chaolan and Steve Fox. He is rival of Baek Doo San in the second tournament and Wang Jinrei's rival in the first tournament.

In the first tournament, Law's dream is to open his own dojo so he competes in the tournament to win the money so he can open the dojo.

Law now runs his own dojo in Tekken 2, but his students were attacked and injured by a villain who is participating in the second tournament. Law decides to get revenge for their students and he joins the tournament.

The villain that attacked the dojo turned out to be Baek Doo San. He disappeared along with many other martial artists who where injured by Ogre. Law isn't competing in the third tournament and he is replaced by his son Forest Law.

Law's dojo was successful and he owned a Chinese fast food chain known as "Marshall China". Unfortunately for Law, he lost a franchise war against a competitor and his food chain went to bankruptcy. Law was depressed and he spended days drinking. On one day, a newspaper informing of the fourth tournament, appeared on his doorstep. Law's eyes flashed with renewed vigor and he decided to join the tournament. Law trained intensively a month and joins the tournament with a raging fire inside.

Law got back on his feet again just before the fourth tournament, but he didn't win it and his restaurant failed. Law stayed in Japan as a dishwasher, but a month later, he got a call from his wife. His son Forest had crashed while riding Paul Phoenix's motorcycle. Marshall decides to join the tournament to get the money for his son's treatment.

While the fifth tournament was going on, it was discovered that Law had been working illegally in Japan so he was transported immediately to USA. Law didn't have the money for his son's treatment so Law's hopes of his son surviving, were slim. Then Law got a call from Paul who figured out that Law and Paul should work in the sixth tournament as a team. Law accepted Paul's invite and they also got the popular boxer Steve Fox in their team.

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