Miharu Hirano

Miharu Hirano
Miharu Hirano.jpg
NameMiharu Hirano
Fighting StyleHakke Ken, Hike Ken & Various Chinese Martial Arts
First AppearanceTekken 4
Last AppearanceTekken 4

Miharu Hirano (born December 17, 1988) is an Japanese student who appears as a skin to Ling Xiaoyu which means she has the same move set nad they also share the same ending and introduction. She's also Ling's best friend. She made her first and last appearance on Tekken 4

Miharu Hirano gos to Mishima High School along with her best friend Ling Xiaoyu, Jin Kazama and technicaly Panda, all of whom she seems to be friends with, also like Jin Kazama she calls Ling Xiaoyu by her nickname "Xiao" which means tiny in chinese and is also part of her given name.

The area in which her ending takes place is like a lot of the endings from Tekken 4 (in the chairmans office). In both hers and Ling Xioyu's ending Hiano says that she failed all her exams, Ling Xiaoyu said that she would give Hirano a job at her now owned company to help her create the theme park she dreamed of.

Due to her and Ling Xiaoyu having the same moves many believe that they are sparing partners and that Ling Xiaoyu taught her the martial arts due to them being best friends.

Due to a bug in the coding in Miharu Hirano when she was created in Tekken 4, she is actually stronger then Ling Xiouyu, this made her popular in Tekken 4 tournaments.

The concept art for Hirano

[edit] Trivia

  • Her hair style is one of the items that can be added to Ling in Tekken 6
  • She is one of few character who do not return after their first appearance
  • It is not possible to have her fight herself as she only has one outfit
  • She is unlocked by finishing Ling Xiaoyu's story.
  • Ling Xiaoyu can be customised to have Hirano's hair in Tekken 6
  • She' and Eddy Gordo don't have their own endingswhere as Violet and Panda have their own.
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