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Fighting StyleN/A
First AppearanceTekken 6
Last AppearanceN/A

NANCY-MIS47J or simply Nancy, is a bonus boss that appears in Tekken 6 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. Nancy only appears in the arcade modes of both of these games. Nancy has a massive amount of health and the player advances to the next stage whether they win or lose against her. When fighting it, it cannot block but it can attack whilst being attacked. It cannot be juggled or knocked onto the ground, however if it takes enough damage, it will momentarily shut down. Although Nancy is not playable in the normal modes of these games, she can be used in the Scenario Campaign on the "Millennium Tower" level.

It's regular attacks consist of missiles, lasers, stomps, machine guns and using it's arms to punch the opponent. It can cut a hole in the floor as well and, if the opponent is standing on the hole, they will automatically lose.

If Nancy is defeated it will shut down, small explosions will start to happen and it will move no more. Then the character being used will perform one of his/her win animations.

A fight against Nancy will only last one round, regardless of the setting. Nancy cannot be defeated by letting the time expire either, you must defeat her in the allotted time.

The stage that Nancy is fought at is a floor that is below Jin's stage. After winning/losing against her you will ride the elevator up to Jin.

The reward for winning against Nancy is either 1000g on the arcade versions or up to 50000g on the home console versions. These figures depend upon how much health and time you have left.

Nancy is one of four robots in Tekken 6. The others being Jack-6, Bryan Fury and Alisa Bosconovitch.

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