Fighting StyleMixed
OccupationGod of Fighting
First AppearanceTekken 3
Last AppearanceTekken Tag Tournament

Ogre is known as the God of Fighting and was a sub-boss in Tekken 3. Ogre was awakened by Heihachi Mishima and attacked many of the fighters that appeared in Tekken 2, such as Jun Kazama, Michelle Chang, Baek Doo San and King I. Baek was later confirmed to have survived the attack, but it put him into a coma. Jun and Michelle also survived. King I, however, was killed in the attack. Once defeated in Arcade mode, he absorbs the Ki Power of Heihachi (or Jin Kazama, if the player is using Heihachi) and transforms into True Ogre, who is fought as the final boss. Canonically Paul Phoenix defeats Ogre, while Jin defeats True Ogre.

The majority of Ogre's moves comes from the characters who were in Tekken 2, but not in Tekken 3, even characters he didn't attack.

Tekken Tag Tournament is, to date, the last Tekken game Ogre has been playable in. Ogre's second form, True Ogre, will be a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, but it is unknown if regular Ogre will be playable.

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