Paul Phoenix

Paul Phoenix
The Strongest Fighter In the Universe
NamePaul Phoenix
Fighting StyleKarate and Martial Arts Based on Judo
Age24 (T1), 26 (T2), 46 (T3), 48(T4, T5), 49 (T6)
OccupationBodyguard/Street Fighter/Dojo Owner
Height6'0 (183 cm)
Weight180 lbs (81 kg)
LikesPizza, gasoline, Marshall Law, Forest Law, Steve Fox, Lee Chaolan and Marshall's cookings
DislikesKazuya Mishima, Japanese freeways, Kuma and Bryan Fury
First AppearanceTekken
Last AppearanceN/A

Paul Phoenix (born May 2, 1959) is an American fighter who has appeared on every version of Tekken. He is also one of the strongest fighters as he can land some killer blows on an opponent due to his powerful punches and kicks. His trademark move is the "Burning Fist" which takes away over half of the opponent's health.

His attire consists of either his black motorcycle outfit or a red Karate suit. He is one of the most recognizable Tekken characters due to his extreme hair.

Paul is known for being a close friend of Marshall Law and has a rivalry with Kazuya Mishima and Kuma.

In the original Tekken, Paul considers Kazuya Mishima to be his rival because they fought before and it ended in a draw. He also looks to find stronger opponents in the tournament.

Paul was defeated by Kazuya in the first tournament in a battle that lasted for hours. Paul went back to New York disappointed and became a bouncer. After months of street fighting, Paul is ready to win the second tournament.

Paul earned the right to fight Kazuya at the last tournament, but a car accident on the expressway prevented Paul from getting there in time and he was forced to forfeit. Paul receives an invitation to the third tournament and once again, looking to win the tournament for the first time, he enters.

Paul was undefeated in the third tournament and he defeated Ogre. A happy Paul then quickly returned to his home. Paul's celebration was short-lived because Ogre morphed into his second form (True Ogre and the tournament continued after Paul's departure. Although Paul thought that he is the true champion of the tournament, not many people believed him and people got tired of his whining. His admirers disappeared and his dojo went out of business. Paul gets a newspaper where the fourth tournament is announced. Paul wants to show that he really is the true champion.

Paul wants to show that he's the toughest fighter in the universe by winning the fifth tournament. Paul was excited about facing Kazuya, again, but there was one opponent that Paul would have to beat before facing Kazuya - Kuma. Paul was overconfident in the match and in the end, he was defeated by Kuma. Paul realised that he forgot some important lessons and now begins to train for the fifth tournament.

Paul's rematch with Kuma was furious and although Paul won, he was so exhausted that he couldn't continue on the tournament. Paul was in a big debt, but then he learned of the sixth tournament. Paul thought that if he won the tournament, he would get the money for his debt, but competing alone was out of question - Paul formed a team with his best friend Marshall Law.

Paul Phoenix, along with Heihachi Mishima, Nina Williams and Yoshimitsu are the only characters to be playable in all the main Tekken games.

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