Tekken Force

Tekken Force is a beat 'em up side game in the Tekken series that's appeared in Tekken 3 and Tekken 4. The player can choose any character within the game and faces with the members of Tekken Force. This side game is replaced with Devil Within in Tekken 5 and Scenario Campaign in Tekken 6.

[edit] Tekken 3 Stages

Backstreets - This stage is an grey alley-way where the player is attacked by basic Tekken Force fighters that are easy to defeat.

Badlands - This stage is a desert area.

Darkness - This stage is in the darkness, as the name suggests. The player walks in a steel floor in a path that seems to lead to Hon-Maru.

Mishima Fortress - This stage inside a building, which looks like Hon-Maru. The boss of this stage is Heihachi Mishima

[edit] Tekken 4 Stages

Military Installation - This stage is an Laboratory with big steel doors and computers. The boss of this stage is Combot.

Temple Ruins - This stage is in the jungle that is surrounded by ruins of an ancient temple. The boos of this stage is Kuma or Panda.

Corridor - This stage is a long and very dark path that seems to be inside of some kind of temple, because there are big pillars everywhere. After a long journey, the player reaches stairs and a door. When the player goes through the door, he faces Kazuya Mishima.

Mishima Fortress - This stage is inside a building that looks like Hon-Maru, much like the stage from Tekken 3 with the same name. The walls in this stage are very easy to break and there are Tekken Force fighters meditating in many rooms. Player also goes to outside where the player faces some of the deadliest Tekken Force ninjas. The player goes to a different building from the outside and finally reaches a room, where the player faces Heihachi Mishima, like in Tekken 3.

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