Tekken Tag Tournament

Platform(s)Arcade, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 (under the name Tekken Hybrid)
Release date(s)Arcade
United States: 1999
PlayStation 2
Japan: March 30, 2000
United States: October 25, 2000
Europe: November 24, 2000
PlayStation 3
November 2011

Tekken Tag Tournament is an update to Tekken 3. The game brought back all the existing characters who weren't in Tekken 3. With the exceptions of Gon, Dr. Boskonovitch, Marshall Law, King I, Kuma I and the original Jack robot, every Tekken character who existed up to that point was playable in the game. Along with the tag modes, one-on-one modes were still there. The game also brought in Tekken Bowl mode, which is later used in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. The success of this game led to a sequel, Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Tekken Tag Tournament is also getting an HD remake under the name Tekken Tag Tournament HD and will be included in the Tekken Hybrid disc for PlayStation 3, to be released in November 2011. The game will be bundled with the Tekken CGI movie, Tekken: Blood Vengeance and a playable demo of Tekken Tag Tournament 2.


[edit] Gameplay

Tekken Tag Tournament, as the name suggests, features a new tag button. The player can pick two characters and tag the characters whenever they want. Tag throws can also be used.

Tekken Tag Tournament brings in a new side-game, Tekken Bowl, which the player can pick two characters to bowl with.

[edit] List of Fighters

[edit] Starting Characters

[edit] Unlockable Characters

Note: The bolded characters indicates the new characters.

Tekken Tag Tournament's alternate cover.

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