True Ogre

True Ogre
250px-True Ogre.jpg
NameTrue Ogre
Fighting StyleMixed
OccupationGod of Fighting
First AppearanceTekken 3
Last AppearanceNA

True Ogre, known as the God of Fighting, is the final boss of Tekken 3. True Ogre, the second form of Ogre, can use all of Ogre's moves, as well as a few new ones, such as the ability to fly. After being defeated by Jin Kazama, Heihachi's energy was absorbed by Ogre, which resulted in the transformation of True Ogre. Shortly after, True Ogre was also defeated by Jin.

True Ogre also appears in Tekken 5, in the side-game, The Devil Within, where Jin battles True Ogre twice, as well as an even more powerful of Ogre, named Monstrous Ogre.

True Ogre has been confirmed to return as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The regular Ogre, however, has not been confirmed.

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