Unknown tekken.jpg
Fighting StyleRandom (TTT1), Kazama Martial Arts (TTT2)
First AppearanceTekken Tag Tournament
Last AppearanceNA

Unknown, is a character that has first appeared in Tekken Tag Tournament. Like Mokujin, Unknown uses the fighting style of a random character from Tekken, making her one of the hardest characters in the series to master. Unlike Mokujin, her fighting style can be changed during the match at the press of the R3 button. Unknown is also the final boss of Tekken Tag Tournament. Unknown has the same tattoo on her arm that Jin Kazama has on his arm, and while Unknown is fighting, a Demon is shown in the background controlling her. Unknown's style always starts with Jun Kazama's, which was one of the reasons Tekken fans thought Unknown was Jun. In addition to that, she was also originally meant to be Jun's sister, until the idea was scrapped, due to the game having no storyline.

Unknown makes a return as the final boss in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, transformed from Jun, finally confirming Unknown's identity. Although, since Unknown has yet to appear in a canon Tekken game, it can be assumed that Jun being Unknown is non-canonical to the traditional Tekken storyline. Unlike the first Tekken Tag Tournament, where Unknown could mimic any character's moveset, in TTT2, she only shares Jun's moveset, with a few moves of her own added. Unknown is an unplayable character, but like the first TTT, she may become playable in the console versions.

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