Yoshimitsu Tekken 4.jpg Manji Clan Leader
Fighting StyleAdvanced Manji Ninja Arts
OccupationLeader of the Manji Clan
First AppearanceTekken
Last AppearanceN/A

Yoshimitsu, is one of the only characters in the Tekken game series to appear in every Tekken game. He is also leader of the Manji Clan.

During the original Tekken, Yoshimitsu enters the original King of Iron Fist Tournament as a decoy. This was set up so that Yoshimitsu's clan, the Manji Clan, could steal the Tournament's prize, a large sum of money. During the tournament, Yoshimitsu also fights Ganryu, who Yoshimitsu dislikes, so Yoshimitsu steals his money and gives it to the poor. Kunimitsu, a member of the Manji Clan, is later expelled from the clan for trying to steal Yoshimitsu's sword. Kunimitsu joins Heihachi Mishima later on, so the Manji Clan invade the Mishima Zaibatsu, where Yoshimitsu's hand is cut off. His hand is replaced later on with the help of Dr. Boskonovitch, who stays with Yoshimitsu.

During Tekken 2, Dr. Boskonovitch is captured by the Mishima Zaibatsu, so Yoshimitsu enters the second King of Iron Fist Tournament to rescue him. Yoshimitsu later escapes with Dr.Boskonovitch.

During Tekken 3, Yoshimitsu enters the third King of Iron Fist tournament to get samples of Ogres blood. Dr. Boskonovitch and Yoshimitsu needed the samples to find a way to bring the doctors daughter back to life, who had died recently. Jin Kazama defeats Ogre in the tournament, so Yoshimitsu was able to get the sample he needed.

Yoshimitsu enters the fourth King of Iron Fist Tournament to strengthen his clan, which had been falling in members. Yoshimitsu hoped to take control of the Mishima Zaibatsu and combine it with his clan, the Manji Clan, which he fails in doing so.

During Tekken 5, Yoshimitsu enters the fifth King of Iron Fist Tournament to get revenge on Bryan Fury. He wants revenge since Bryan had destroyed Dr. Boskonovitch's lab, after the Doctor didn't give Bryan the new body he wanted.

During Tekken 6 Yoshimitsu realizes his sword starts weakening, due to it being cursed. Yoshimitsu discards his old sword and instead uses another sword called Fumaken. He then enters The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6.

Yoshimitsu is unique compared to most other Tekken characters. His appearance drastically changes in most games and is the only character in the series to fight with a sword and is one of the three to use a weapon to fight, the other two being Kunimitsu and Alisa Bosconovitch. As of Tekken 6, Yoshimitsu even has the option to perform moves without his sword that are normally done with his sword.

Yoshimitsu, along with Heihachi Mishima, Nina Williams and Paul Phoenix are the only characters to be playable in all the main Tekken games.

Yoshimitsus' appearance in the original Tekken
Yoshimitsus' appearance in Tekken 2
Yoshimitsus' appearance in Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament
Yoshimitsus' appearance in Tekken 4
Yoshimitsus' appearance in Tekken 5
Yoshimitsus' appearance in Tekken 6

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